What You Need To Know About Kano Kits

Kits in every category for children are really good stuff to have. Every kit has its own education able touch towards children. There are robotic kits, science kits, building kits, hobby kits, etc. but I will focus on special company named Kano. Have you ever heard about Kano?

Kano caught my attention with one of these kits – Kano touch computer kit, where you build your own computer into beautiful PC/tablet and learn how to code and program using Kano OS. But coding in more child friendly programming, because, well it was developed for children, and of course 6 years old children can’t program in programming languages that are used by programmers worldwide. I wrote a review of a Kano touch computer kit and you are very welcome to read it.left

Because Kano touch is one of the best computer DIY kits for children, I want to show and talk about all Kano’s products and tell you what you need to know about Kano kits, all their products, software they are using and some facts, that are pretty interesting.

Kano’s products are Computer kit, complete computer kit (touch), pixel kit, motion sensor kit and Harry potter coding kit.

Kano Software

Kano has two software : Kano OS and Kano app. Kano OS is used on computer kit and complete computer kit, Kano app is used for Pixel kit, Harry potter coding kit and Motion sensor kit.

Kano app doesn’t work on smartphones, only kit that has android support is Harry Potter coding kit, and only on tablets.

Devices that support Kano app:

  • Mac – OS 10.10 or later
  • Windows – 10 Home and Pro
  • Android – 5.0 or later, tablet only ( 7″ or larger)
  • Amazon Fire – Fire OS or later
  • Kano OS – 4.2 or higher

In principle the main goal of Kano software is to educate children and teach them how to code with simple drag and drip coding. If you have never heard about drag and drop coding let me tell you, it is a simple way to code – basically what you need to do is to grab a block with a code ( with tip of your finger or with a mouse ) and drag it codes platform and drop it there, and you stack blocks of codes like you would build with LEGO building blocks and with that you create simple codes.

First you start with simple challenges and with a few codes. And when a child starts to learn, eventually becomes a master, codes become more difficult. Every kit has its own story mode how to start with specific kit.

Overall is a brilliant approach to children and how to motivate to actually code.

Kano Computer Kit and Kano Complete Computer Kit

Both kits use the Kano OS – it is Linux based software. Both of them need to be assembled first. The main difference ( and the obvious) is that with

Computer kit you assemble computer and then you need TV or screen to connect it, with computer complete kit you get extra touchscreen and a plastic box, so it is basically a personal computer.

They both use Raspberry Pi3 – it is a small computer but very powerful, it runs the whole computer.

Complete computer kit or as I like to say Kano touch ( because of a touch

screen ), is one the best computer kits there is. First thing child needs to do is assemble it – they have to connect electronic modules, cables, put everything in the plastic case. Then they connect a keyboard with a mouse pad on it ( but small but we must know it was made for children ).

Then it is time to start learning through numerous challenges and tasks, and Kano OS literally takes a user by hands and leading him to everything. Coding is really made for children so it is a win- win PC.

Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build A Want

If your child is a huge Harry Potter fan, then Harry Potter coding kit is definitely for him/her. The kit itself has a Want you need to assemble – what you do is put a batteries and electronic module with Bluetooth into a Want and you are all set.

Then you pair with a device ( Android tablet, Mac, Windows, Fire OS or Kano OS) where you installed Kano app before. After pairing, you start to make magic spells with waves and twirls, you learn how to code, and use codes with a wand.

The main principle of Harry Potter coding kit is that you do challenges using only a wand. There are couple of waves and twirls already programmed, but you can always add them while playing. So when you start the challenge, you first need to put codes with drag and drop coding. When you are done with coding, you take a wand, and execute codes waves and twirls.

It is very simple for beginners and endless and educational fun for everybody.

Motion Sensor Kit

Motion sensor kit is a sensor that sensors your hand moves. It is quite similar to wand – you wave and twirl with a wand, with motion sensor you move your hand.

It needs to be plugged into USB, and you can put sensor wherever you want to. After that you download Kano app, and start making. How it all goes is like this – you start with easy challenges to more difficult after time. First you need to code what challenge wants you to code – you basically make background for motion sensor. After all codes are put together, you start to using whatever you coded with movements of your hand above motion sensor.

To give you an example – you have challenge to make a guitar – you need to put blocks of code to make strings, and sounds, how long with those sounds last, etc. after you did everything, start playing virtual guitar with your hands in front of motion sensor.

What I don’t find interesting about that is that you have to make a ton of codes, that can take quite some time, and you use it just for a couple of seconds with your hands.

You make programs with drag and drop coding with a mouse. You play/use those programs/challenges/tasks with a kit.

Pixel Kit

Pixel kit is in my opinion the fun part of Kano kits. First you need to build it yourself, you connect buttons with board and battery- it is basically a low resolution display with super bright 128 LEDs.

Whatever you want to do, how this display uses LED’s you can do it with coding. You can light up some artwork, make games, solve puzzles, create anything you want with light. Very simple and very satisfying kit for children.

Couple Of Facts About Kano

Kano is a computer anyone can make. It is a simple and fun way to play with technology.

Appropriate age is at least 6 years and above – it is good to learn even grown-ups.

Kano world is a safe community within Kano software ( Kano OS or Kano app) to learn to code and create together.

Kano is a Japanese baby name and the meaning stands for masculine power- capability.


All Kano kits are very beautiful and colorful. Each kit has its own pros and cons, depends on what are you looking for. Kano OS and Kano app is designed with an excellence for users (children).

If you your children to know more about programming and coding, software and hardware, it is probably the best thing to do is to get either computer kit or complete computer kit. Think about it – do you want your child to spend time on a computer learning and education or just playing countless hours games, and browse social media? I know what I want for my children a win-win situation ( computer kit).

If you have any questions or comments please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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