What You Need To Know About K’NEX

Do you know what K’NEX is? Have you ever heard about KNEX? Well if not, I must tell you it is ( my opinion) the second best brand toy after LEGO.

They are similar in way, but totally opposite in other way. LEGO has bricks, which you snap together and build structures, vehicles etc.

K’NEX on the other hand, well you build structure and everything as well, but the main difference is how you connect together K’NEX parts – main two parts are rod and connector. Of course, they come in different lengths and shapes, but rod and connector are basically the main ingredients in what K’NEX presents.

What you need to know about K’NEX? Keep reading further and you can read all the basics you need to know about K’NEX.

About K’NEX

K’NEX was founded in 1992. At first, it wasn’t set to be an educational toy company, they wanted to show children with K’NEX building is that only their imagination is a limit.

K’NEX’s STEM value lets children develop motor skills, spatial awareness, hands on problem solving, creativity, social skills, critical thinking and more, so it is definitely win-win toy with more wins.

But their STEM value is what it is making them one of the best toy brands in STEM fields. Their interpretation of STEM is STEAMagination, basically that means that K’NEX is a STEM toy that lets children to play and build and rebuild however they want it to, so their imagination can step in.

K’NEX is divided in different categories or themes if you will. Those themes are:

  1. Imagine
  2. Thrill rides
  3. K’NEX education
  4. Kid K’NEX
  5. K’force
  6. Lincoln logs
  7. Tinkertoy

Lincoln logs and Tinkertoy are not like K’NEX building parts. Lincoln logs sets are wooden pieces that you can build wood cabins, chimneys etc. Tinkertoy is more close to regular K’NEX parts, but they are more like children friendly snap together parts.


Imagine category is about overall classic K’NEX sets. Mainly sets in imagine category are vehicles but there also other sets of course. Imagine sets can be build in different modes. Depends on how big is set or how many parts does it have, there are options to build more different modes. There are sets that have 3,5,10 and more building ideas.

Thrill Rides

Thrill rides are great roller coaster fans and for others. K’NEX offers a lot of different roller coaster, from really small to extremely big. Every set has its own characteristics and visually, but they are all great looking.

Every Thrill rides set has tracked and a car, and to pull car to the top of the roller coaster, there is always a motorized track to pull a car on top included. The biggest set in this theme costs about 500$, has over 5000 parts included and is 5 feet tall,8 feet long and 6 feet deep – so it is a really huge roller coaster.

Imagine yourself, if you have a lot of space of course, having your own K’NEX amusement park with a lot of rollers coaster – how much fun can that be?

K’NEX Education

K’NEX education is meant for both use – school use and home use. This is probably the most STEM you can get from one set. K’NEX education teaches children concepts as simple machines, fractions, DNA, kinetic energy and


AN example: K’NEX education DNA set. Children in classroom or at home build a structure of DNA. Then they can restructure it in mutations, so they can have some idea how mutations work.

Every K’NEX education set comes in a plastic box with storage trays – this is welcome because children must clean all parts and put them in storage trays and put in to a box, so it is always safe and not lost.


Kid K’NEX is made for small children, for three years old children. Those simple to build structures, and the main point about Kid K’NEX is that children get to know the concept of building with a toy.

Parts in Kid K’NEX sets are not so complicated and they are very simple so children can master and set foundations in building with a toy.


K-Force category presents only two, but great sets. One is battle bow and the other is flash fire blaster.

They are very special, because they both come with blaster chamber ( the main part of a bow and fire blaster, because it triggers the dart and shoots it out) and regular K’NEX parts. Both sets include darts to shoot as well.

Their design is great, they can both shoot darts up to 75 feet – pretty long distance isn’t it? And they are both not expensive – Battle bow costs 28$ and fire blaster costs 50$.


K’NEX is one of the brands we should support. You can download as well K’NEX app either on app store or play store, and they are offering you instructions in 3-D and you can check catalog out, if you are in search for some brand new K’NEX set.

I remember having a coupled of K’NEX sets when I was about 8 I think. Boy did I build and rebuild. I remember building and awesome helicopter with a mechanism you turn a stick so a propeller turned, and it was beautiful as hell. Then, when I got tired playing only with a helicopter, I decided to build a motorcycle, but without any instructions. I build it, in spite of the fact not having instructions.

When I think back, there were two, well three different toys I remember playing with, that brings me warm feelings. Number one was always LEGO, even today I have coupled of sets for myself, keeping them away from my children, number two was K’NEX – when I was fed up wit5h Legos, I played with K’NEX for hours, and number three was Action-man, but I’m not sure you can get these days.

Overall K’NEX is beside LEGO a must have, and great toy to have.

If you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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