What You Need To Know About Owi Robot Kits

My latest articles were written to know everything and all facts about different toy brands that are producing STEM toys, and when I write about brands and products, they are always those that are in top charts.

So we’ve touched Playosmo, Ubtech and Makeblock, now I want to write and show you everything you need to know about Owi robot kits.

Owi is a toy brand and company, that are producing science kits, robotics kits and mini-solar kits. They also produce aluminum kits – dinosaurs and bugs, and their design is very beautiful with metal (aluminum) blink.

Why did I choose Owi?

Well it’s a brand with focus in STEM fields. And they also won couple of awards, so Owi is very reliable company, and their products are not that expensive like robot kits form makeblock or Lego. It doesn’t mean that toys they produce are not good, it just means that they are slightly less sophisticated but they offer great STEM value with a lot of quality time spent playing.

If you are not aware of the expression STEM, it means toys that have educational value in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I wrote an article about STEM toys, benefits, and why are they good for, so if you are interested you are welcome to read it, just click on the link below and it will take you to an article.


About Owi

Owi’s grand idea is to teach children about renewable sources – green planet, solar energy, fuel cell power. Robot kits are their primary products, but we shouldn’t ignore their solar robots – they really fun to play with and engage children to think about solar energy.

They even implemented the idea of fuel cell power – basically what they did is they threw away batteries and replaced them with salt water. That is right, they have four toy vehicles that can go for 5-7 hours by adding salt water in toy’s fuel mod.module – how cool is that.

A lot of Owi’s products won awards in different categories like Toptoy of the year award in 2018,Dr. Toy’s best picks award winner, Family choice award, and list goes on.


KIKO is a really funny six-leg walking robot. It comes in 107 pieces, which you have to assemble it, of course. Afterwards it is a fully working robot. Its main features are hidden inside it – an infrared sensor and its six legs,

making him fully movable robot. Well it’s not made to be controlled via app, it has two modes: it can be an explorer, or he can follow you.

Basically it scans everything that is around, and because of its AI ( artificial intelligence), it can create its own gestures and emotions.

It has sound and light effect, so prepare for endless fun with a price of $ 50. Well it’s widely affordable, and I would recommend it to everybody.

Hydraulic Arm Edge

Hydraulic arm edge has to set up of 229 pieces. Quite a lot of pieces make assembling an arm very long, up to two hours. But the satisfaction is there when it is assembled – fully working hydraulic arm using just water, not batteries or some other source of power.

You will be amazed when you will see how it all works. Water is an only “source” of power, making it hydro – mechanics.

To control movement of hydraulic arm you control six axes – gripper, wrist rotation and mobility, an elbow, shoulder and base station. After you master axes challenges will come to your head, moving phones, cubes, even cards – if you remove a gripper, there is a vacuum suction on the bottom of wrist, and you can use vacuum suction to move objects – great feature.
Price of it is about $ 50 and it is meant for children 10+.

Kingii Dragon Robot

This Australian lizard look a like is very fun two- mode robot lizard. It has

two modes- follow me and escape mode. Follow me mode goes like that: you put your hand in front of its head/nose, IR sensor senses it, and the lizard follows you. The second escape mode, works in opposite way – when stick your hand in front of its head, Ir sensor senses it, its eyes change primary green eyes into red eyes, and goes backwards, as if it is really scared little lizard.

Lizard is green one, and moves exactly like a real lizard. Price of Kingii dragon robot is about $ 25 and it is for children 10+.

EM4 Robot

EM4 robot can be assembled in 4 different robot modes, and those are:

  1. Rolling beast
  2. Power trailer
  3. Running cricket
  4. Walking robot

Each robot has its own movements, and they are all fun to play with. First you have to assemble a robot, it shouldn’t take you a lot of time, then you put 1 AA battery in a robot, turn it on, and it starts to move. Recommended age is 8 and more, price of it is about $20.

3-in-1 All Terrain Robot

Like the name of a robot, it can be assembled in 3 different robot modes, and those are:

  1. Fork lift
  2. Rover
  3. Gripper

Each robot mode has something of its own. Fork lifter, is basically a fork lifter, and can lift up to 100g.

Rover is a tank-like, and can drive through various of surfaces.

Gripper, in my opinion the best and the meanest machine in this kit, has strong arms to grab/grip thing and caries them. It could lift up to 100g, like fork lifter.

Once a mode is assembled, it is very easy to break it down and build it again. To control a robot, you get controller, but it is a wired one. Age recommendation is at least 13 and more, and it costs about $ 60.

Robotic Arm Edge

Robotic arm edge is similar to Hydraulic arm edge, only that it is not

hydraulic but motorized. And it is the real deal. You get 5 controller gears so an arm can move a gripper, for wrist motion, elbow, base rotation and motion and for vertical and horizontal reach. It could lift up to 100g, how cool is that?

It costs about $65, and it is 5the best rated kit form Owi robotics. Well it’s truly an endless fun.

Is That All?

Well it is not all – Owi is going to launch some new products ( robot kits to be more precisely), and they look promising. Also, if you are more into solar energy, Owi has, very cheap actually, mini-solar kits, and they could be assembled in more than 1 mode.

Owi does a great job, to teach children some simple engineering, every kit has electric modules, well, Hydraulic arm edge, but that kit needs water to work.

Price of every kit is affordable, the most expensive is a robotic arm edge with a price tag of $ 65. Other brands sell the cheapest sets, not even their flagships, for a starting price of $90, and flagships start form $150. I know they have other features like Bluetooth module to run it through a smart device, but I don’t believe it is necessary- believe me, they are children, they get bored fast as a day turn into night.

All thumbs up for Owi, their great job and their robot kits.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


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