What You Need To Know About Ozobot Robots

Ozobot is the company that focuses on education through programming robots. They offer couple of different kits, but flagships of Ozobot are two robots – Evo and Bit. Why two? Well the reason is that Bit is the older version, Evo logically is the new version.

They have a lot of mutual features as well they differ. But these golf ball sized robots are really great and funny looking, and to use them is quite simple – they can be programmed via Ozoblockly app or with markers – I’ll get to programming later in this article.

So what you need to know about Ozobot robots? Keep reading further and I will write about both robots, Bit and Evo, about programming both of them, kits Ozobot offer and some basic info about Ozobot.

About Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Bit is the first generation robot from Ozobot. This walnut sized robot is funny as hell. It costs about 50$. In general Bit is color sensing robot that response to 23 possible codes. You can control direction, speed, play games, special moves – its main purpose ( for both robots) is that it follows a colored line. These colored lines are made from four different colors – black, green, red and blue. More about this topic ( in programming section) is written later in this article.

Ozobot Bit features:

  • Rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Optical sensors
  • LED light
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Strong Polycarbonate shell
  • Twin mirco-motors for smooth movement
  • Ozobot brain – circuit board

About Ozobot Evo

Ozobot Evo is second generation robot form Ozobot and it is also walnut sited robot as its predecessor Bit is. I know the main every body asks is how they differ beside price range and the fact that Evo is younger than Bit. The main difference between Bit and Evo is that Evo has Bluetooth smart connection and more LED lights. That is quite important because of programming – it is easy to code Evo than Bit, but in general, it is not hard at all.

Ozobot Evo features:

  • Bluetooth smart
  • Sensors
  • LED lights
  • Speaker
  • Strong ploy carbonate shell
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • LiPo battery

How To Operate With Ozobot Robots

So there are three ways to operate with Ozobot robots ( Three ways are just for Evo, Bit has only two ways).

First way are OzoCodes. OzoCodes are basically physical codes you draw on the white paper, or surface or everything that is smooth white surface. Then you have to have color markers – Ozobot packs include markers, or you can buy other markers ( I believe only Crayola markers are good enough for Ozobot robots, other brands not so much). There are four different colors that Ozobot sensors – black, red, green and blue. In general, it goes like this – you draw lines on a paper, with proper colors. You draw a long black line, then a short red, short black and short green color, you let your robot follow the line, and when it comes to the first different color ( red for instance) it may stop, or turn, or zigzag, or speed up, depends on what color he came. There are numerous possibilities you can draw.

The second way is to program Ozobot with OzoBlocky. Ozoblockly is a block

language similar to Scratch – if you are not familiar with this type of coding, it is actually really easy to code and it was invented for children, so they can learn basics about programming. OzoBlockly. Like other block program, children start to learn how to simply code loops, variables, light and sound changes, and sensor detection to your program.

Here comes the difference between Bit and Evo. Bit doesn’t have Bluetooth so after you create codes on OzoBlockly there is circle on the app, and you have to put Bit on to the screen on that circle so it can read codes through sensor. With Evo is totally different story – after creating codes you just send them form an app through Bluetooth beams to Evo robot. Much easier with Evo. OzoBlockly offers examples and challenges, nothing hard to conquer. Learn and master it. Ozobot robot can handle only one program at a time. The best option are either Android or Apple tablet, but is suitable for most computers.

Third way is only for Evo and it is the least or not educational at all, but Let’s face it, sometimes easiness is a must. We are of course talking about remote control app, which you download and then can drive around, make noises, turn lights on your robot etc.

Ozobot Packs

Ozobot offers two categories of packs, for home use and school use.

For home use you can choose between:

  • Bit robot (60$)
  • Evo robot (100$)
  • DIY bundles
  • Wearable Ozoskins ( plastic clothes for Ozobot Bit or Evo)
  • Washable color code markers
  • Color code stickers ( if you don’t want to use markers to draw paths, you can just use stickers)

For school use you can choose between:

  • Evo classroom kit (18 Evo robots)
  • Evo classroom kit ( 12 Evo robots)
  • Bit classroom kit ( 18 Bit robots)
  • Evo educator entry kit (1 Evo robot)
  • Bit educator entry kit ( 2 Bit robots)
  • Bit educator entry kit ( 1 Bit robot)

Some Facts About Ozobot…

Ozobot is probably the world’s tiniest robot.

Ozobot works on both digital and physical surface.

Evo is funnier robot than Bit, with its funny sound making and LEDS can make a disco lights.

Color codes or OzoCodes are patented.

Bit was named Best Robot Toy at the 2105 KApi awards and was a finalist at the Toy of the Year awards.

Ozobot robots reached more than 10000 classrooms across the U.S.A.

Ozobot robots can be use with autonomously – you can just turn it on and let it wander off.


Overall they are great products to own – Bit is better for younger population

when Evo is better for elder ones. What is the best part about Ozobot except everything about programming and drawing? Its size is the best part. It is basically a really tiny computer in a sturdy shell and it is portable, and it could be easily taken to a vacation or wherever you want to go, how cool is that?

OzoBlockly is one of the easiest block programs to operate with. Programming with it is easy as walking, literally.

Ozobots are definitely really great fun to have and to play with, not to mention its STEM value. If you don’t know yet what STEM means, it is for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I wrote and article about STEM toys and benefits, if you want to read it just click here and it will take you to an article.

If you have any questions or comments write me in the comment section below and I will be glad to reply.


Primoz P.

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