What You Need To Know About Ubtech Robots

I wrote an article about what you need to know about Ubtech Jimu robots, jimu software and parts. Now let’s dig a little deeper and discover whole Ubtech company – every product or line they have.

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So what you need to know about Ubtech robots? So they have 6 different products that are not compatible to each other – every single product is independent. They are all robots, except Jimu line has robot kits – you/children need to first assemble a robot and then program it. Jimu is the only line of products that has 9 different robot kits and are compatible with each other – they are made to engage children in STEM fields ( science, technology, mathematics and engineering).

Other products are –

  1. Star wars first order Stormtrooper robot
  2. Lynx
  3. Alpha
  4. Jimu
  5. Cruzr
  6. Walker

This article is dedicated into explanations and descriptions of every single robot Ubtech offers. I will write about every product and what software every product uses.Stay tuned.

About Ubtech

Ubtech was founded in 2012 and is a global leading AI (artificial intelligence) and humanoid robotic company. Their primary goal is to produce and develop consumer humanoid robots for use at home or for business use.

Their mission is to bring a robot in every household and to integrate them into our daily lives to create more intelligent way of life. Really inspiring isn’t it.

Jimu Robot Kits

Jimu is the product line in Ubtech company that has more than one product – Jimu has 9 different kits with Lego technic like parts, but they are not compatible with Lego Technic parts. Jimu robot kits are:

  • Mythical Series: UnicornBot kit
  • BuilderBot Series: Overdrive kit – you get two different modes to assemble – DirtBot( truck) and DozerBot (bulldozer)
  • AstroBot series: Cosmos kit – you get three different modes to assemble -AstroBot, Rover and Astron
  • BuzzBot & MuttBot kit – Like the name of a kit you get BuzzBot (basic Jimu robot) and MuttBot ( a dog)
  • TankBot kit
  • MeeBot kit
  • Explorer kit – This kit can be assemble in 5 different animal modes
  • Animal add-on kit
  • Inventor Kit – The biggest kit in Jimu line and can be build in six different animals

Jimu robot kits are all movable, because they have all servo motors and a lot of different electronic parts with an assembly, and the robot you build has own features.

Software to program robots is called Jimu app. It is a very easy to handle app. Instructions for different kits are all in this app. Really great thing about instructions in Jimu app is that you can rotate them in 360″ angle, form any aspect you would like to see how parts connect form different angle.

Jimu robot can be program with block-based system, where you basically drag blocks of different orders to other block. Very easy to understand and easy to code.

But it is not necessary to program a robot, you can choose controls and can control on-screen your robot.

Jimu app has a great community behind to support Jimu consumers with a help, if they need or they share different projects etc.

Jimu robot kits are very good products with great STEM value.

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Ubtech’s stormtrooper is less menacing than the original one and it is quite nice to look at – he is cute. It is quite expensive, although I saw a discount price and it is 50 % off, so instead of 300$ it costs “only” 150$.

Robot itself doesn’t do much. It has some good features like face recognition and quite long battery life – it can fully work for two hours and recharging time is only an hour – way to go.

So to control Stromtrooper, you need an app, which you download in google play store or Apple’s app store.

when you launch the app, there are three different modes to play – Sentry mode, mission mode and training mode.

Now to be honest, it is a charming little fellow, but I wouldn’t go that far to actually buy it – there are couple of robots from competition that have better features than that one. But Ubtech did promise that software will upgrade and there will be a lot more to with a robot.


Lynx is an Alexa being put in a robot making it a unique robot. Lynx is humanoid robot and uses Amazon Alexa – so it is a smart home robot. Price is very high – 800$,but beside some great features like being a yoga instructor ( not a master, but in a funny way) or being a real smart control in whole your home, it is pretty boring robot. Doesn’t offer that much value for its price.

Design and his movements are awesome, if you are going to use on a side, so now and then, then it is a great robot to have. If you’re a heavy user, and would exhaust Lynx – than go for something else.


Alpha is really an Alpha. It is this awesome super movable robot you can play even soccer with it. On some terms it gets clumsy – its preferred surface are wooden floor, so any other surface he will slip or trip, believe me.

Alpha robot has its own app – Alpha 1 app. It is very easy to use and programm and then of ‘course control it.


Cruzr is real an intelligent humanoid service robot. It is cloud-based and it is designed to help customer’s your needs.

Cruzr is a business – office robot and has a lot of useful features like video conferencing and multi-modal interaction.

Because of its 17 servos it moves like a real human. It can greet and shake hands.

He can run up to 8 hours and when battery needs to be recharged, it automatically returns to charging dock station.


If Cruzr is a “business person” robot than the Walker is a home edition – it is one the best home robots in the world. It is self-balancing, has fingers, can play a piano, it can talk, moves like a human. It has a scree instead of the face – guess how many and funny faces it makes – truly awesome gadget robot to have.


This is every product that Ubtech has – Alpha and Lynx don’t achieve wow effect due to their price tags. Jimu has a great robot kits, perfect for children aged 8 and more – and they are all compatible with each other and Jimu app is a great app with instructions and controller and blockly ( block-based programming).

Star Wars Stormtrooper would be a perfect unique gift for a Star Wars fan, but for common users not so much, because of its lack for more “robotic” features.

But if you are3 considering getting a robot for an office or maybe in your household – Cruzr and Walker would be just perfect – they justify your office or home needs.

If you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


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