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What’s The Best Tablet For Kids in 2019 – The Only Tablet Your Kid Needs

I don’t support children dealing too much with tablets these days, but it is a fact that they are using it – and far most they are using them to play games.

Now personally I love tablets. They are great aren’t they? they are not a PC or a laptop, neither are they smartphones you can carry them anywhere – they are simple but pure joy to watch videos, check mails, browse on Internet or play games.

I believe children must know how to handle with smart technology, just we shouldn’t let them play with tech all the time. They should have like an hour or so per day to play with tech toys, and that is it.

I have two children, they visit kindergarten and school. They both love playing games on tablet and of course they have limited time per day, how long can they play with a tablet.

I had and still have couple of tablets ( for job, for myself, for wife and for children) and guess which tablet suits best for all my family members? Galaxy tab 10.1 ( the cheapest Samsung tablet with 10.1 inch screen).https://mytoysarethebest.com/what-is-the-best-smartphone-for-kids-in-2019/

I also wrote an article about what is the best first smartphone for kids and I welcome you to read it.

That is why I wrote an article about what’s the best tablet for kids in 2019 – The only tablet your kid needs, I am really thorough and everything is explained why is Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the best and in my opinion the ultimate tablet for kids. Please read the whole post, I guarantee you that this the only one you will ever need and you will not be sorry.

Why Samsung Galaxy Tab?

So the first question is: why Samsung Galaxy tab? Well Samsung is the best company that produce quality technology, what's the best tablet for kids

and it is one of the most trustworthy brands in the world.

And to be honest – any smart device they make, is just pure quality, and it will definitely not die on rather occasions. I have Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone, and it is the best smartphone I ever had, and I am really satisfied with everything – Samsung user interface is just brilliant and I think is the most advanced if we look from user perspective.

Beside that Samsung will never sell you stuff that doesn’t run smooth to use it – they always make an item that runs smooth.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy Tab Better Than Other Tablets?

One of the most important features that Samsung Galaxy tabs have is an UI – user interface. But I’m not thinking just about using and handling software – I consider that user interface begins with grabbing a tablet with your hands – it has to be this right feeling, a domestic one, like it supposed to fit in your hands from any circumstance.

I tried a bunch of tablets, and after months of using tablets, I came down to three different brands that make tablets – and those are of course Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

So let’s touch Huawei – everything is OK, but that feel in your hands, when you manipulate with tablets, it just doesn’t fit that feel in your hands, it’s rather strange. And, comparing it to Apple and Samsung, it has least attractive display technology, I mean nothing special.

Now let’s move to an iPad. Software is brilliant ( of course it’s Apple), but that feeling in your hands, not the perfect one. Display technology is a bit better that Huawei, but still not a wow effect. Oh let’s not forget a small problem with  iPad tablets – they are so expensive, that even if one of my children wanted an iPad, I definitely wouldn’t buy them one, because I don’t believe it is necessary to pay so much for an item that you can pay less for a different one with practically the same user experience ( I’m thinking as a child would use it)for much less money, and operating with an android is just perfect for children.

Samsung on the other hand is perfect. Engineers did their homework, when they were thinking how to create a tablet that would be perfect from grabbing it with your hands, using it and putting it down. They figure it out brilliantly. Look from the other point of view – all tablets from the same price range don’t differ much from each other, and what makes one better than other, is the whole user experience. And Samsung is not only making it perfect, but for a low price ( comparing it with some much more expensive tablets) is standing proud among other tablets.

My Experience With Galaxy Tab

My very first tablet was the first Galaxy tab 10.1 in 2012. I believe I paid about 700$ back then – yep pretty expensive, but not expensive for what I got! I mean back then it was a mind blowing tech – a small computer touch screen with built in computer that ran apps smoothly as hell – not to mention games I used to play on that tablet, watched videos and visiting Facebook all the time.

It lasted 5 years before I gave it to my friend, a Galaxy Tab enthusiast as well, two years ago. He was happy with my gift, and I bought a new tablet – guess which one it was? You are right – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 ( 2016).what's the best tablet for kids

Believe me, it was the best purchase for me, getting me a new Galaxy Tab.

I also had couple other tablets, like Lenovo, some Chinese tablets ( they broke down couple of months later ) I forgot their brand names, I even had an iPad, an HP 7 inch tablet ( that was a total waste of money) and of course Huawei tablets ( they are the second best tablets behind Samsung, but to be honest, if Samsung disappears over years, only then I will commit to Huawei, and not before that).


Now we are getting to the point – buying the proper tablet for our children. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend spending no more that $250 for a tablet that is meant for children. Don’t worry, with Galaxy Tab they will not need other tablet, and Galaxy Tab a 10.1 ( 2016) costs about $200.

I mean OK, Galaxy tab S4,S5,S6 or an iPad sounds better, but you must know, and I believe you do, that kids need for a tablet is just for some games, or videos or some simple internet browsing. Now would you pay 400, 500,600 or even more dollars for something, that you can pay less that $250 and still works smoothly and perfect’ Am I right? of course I am.

Even I consider myself as a hard tab user, and I don’t need more expensive tablet that Galaxy tab A 10.1

Children Chose Galaxy Tab A 10.1

There is something that inspired me to write this article – and of course just the other day I watched my children play games on Galaxy tab and I said to myself, hey I’ve got an idea which tablet is the best for children!

Before I only had this tablet, and children were fighting all the time for game play time. I had a tablet but only for my job use and I didn’t allow them to play with it. Day after day fights became bigger, and one day I just decided that I must buy a new tablet so they can both play games at the same time.

But my decision which tablet to buy was a huge mistake. I didn’t want to buy the same tablet, god knows why, but I wanted to buy this new Huawei tablet with 10 inch screen – supposedly it should work better, not that Galaxy tab didn’t, but hardware features seemed better with Huawei.

So there I had two tablets, that should be used by my children – boy was I wrong. After an hour or so with a new tablet, they both ended fighting for Galaxy tab and convincing each other Huawei tablet is better for him/her ( it was really funny when they both wanted to “gift”each other with Huawei tablet and keeping a Galaxy tab ).

Then I thought maybe I should install same games on each tablet and rearrange apps so everything is identical – but you can guess, I was wrong yet again.

Then couple of weeks later I wanted to see if the problem is only with my kids, so I invited couple of my friends with children to hang out in our place, and I displayed 5 tablets, with two Galaxy tabs included ( Galaxy tab A 10.1 2016 and 2019 ).what's the best tablet for kids

So they played the same game on every tablet in a circle, and after hour or so I said that it is enough, and took tablets away, and told them to go play with each other. Couple of hours later I displayed yet again all tablets, and I said to children that they can play games again, and I let them to choose the tablet that they want to play. Guess which tablets they wanted? Almost a huge fight started to going on because they all wanted to play on both Galaxy tabs! That is what I’m talking about – the whole experience is from grabbing a tablet and on!

My Thoughts…

So what I’m trying to tell you is that no matter what, with galaxy Tabs is always a bingo. Don’t spend a lot of money on tablets if they are meant for children use – don’t do that, $200 is more that enough, and of course I’m talking about Samsung Galaxy tab A 10.1 ( 2016 or 2019).

I suggest that better option for children that are less that 8 years old is a 2016 version, I think you can still get it, because at the bottom of a tablet, on bezel, there are still physical buttons, that children love more that a pop up in screen buttons.

2016 version costs about 150 – 180 $, and 2019 version costs from 200 – 250 $, depends where you buy it.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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