Why Are Legos Good For Kids ?

Guess which toy is the best known, simply the best, and it is as well best educational and developmental toy in any aspects ? That’s right, Legos are all that, and they will always be. I’m 30 years old now, I have two small children, and I’m the biggest fan ( I think there a lot of people who are the biggest fan ) when it comes to legos. I still have a lot of Legos from my childhood, so about 25 years old, and they haven’t changed a bit. And now my children are playing withe them.

We were three brothers and we all preferred Legos over other toys. So guess how many Lego sets we had for Christmas? And birthdays? At least six per year, so if we calculate in about 5 whole years, we had all kinds of Lego sets, vikings, divers, a lot of city, pirates and racing cars. A lot of them got lost over years, but I found the big plastic box, and when I looked inside, there were Legos, full box, thousands and thousands of pieces.

So I’m going to break it down in article and explain why are legos good for kids and they will always be.

Fine Motor Skills

Legos are small pieces, and to play with them and build them, a child must learn how to pick legos with fingers and build muscles in fingers and hands. That helps them as well when they are learning to write.

Team Work

So as I’ve mentioned before, I grew up with two brothers, and we all share one room, so there wasn’t a lot of space for playing solo, so we teamed up and cooperate while playing with legos. That’s why Legos are great, because there a lot of pieces, and it’s shareable toy, beside that, if children are cooperating, they get things done sooner. So it’s great toy for cooperative play and improves child’s communication.

When I was 6 years old, we ( my family ) went one time to downtown, and we stopped at Lego show. I met there couple of my friends from kinder garden and we step together and started to build this giant castle in size of a car, and we made it in two hours, so we cooperated really well.


I think we all agree, that default Lego set lasts for a day, and then it’s rebuild in some other structures. It can be reconstructed in completely other thing, like from vehicle to dragon, now tell me, what other toy can do that?

So basically when kids are playing with Legos, they can be very creative, and build all shapes, sizes, everything and anything. I watched my children when they started to play with Legos, how they build when they started, and how can they build now, it’s amazing how creative they’ve become. And that improved them with drawing as well.

Problem Solving And Planning

So if they build by instructions, or something by themselves, first they plan what and how to make. And when they start to build whatever they plan, sooner or later somewhere there is a problem. It is always, no one ever started to build and didn’t have any problems. So in this case they start to learn how to solve problems.


I was mentioning that they start to solve problems, but now and then, solved problem isn’t solved, and occasionally, it all tears apart. But Legos being awesome, they don’t give up and say “I won’t play with them anymore”, no they don’t say that, maybe when they’re tired from playing, but they always say ” ah I’ll build a new one”, because Legos are so awesome you can build something else. So kids learn how to be persistent.

And persistence is paying off, when they finished something, and they are proud of their accomplishment.


I believe that kids, if not before, they meet maths while playing with Legos. How you say? OK I’ll give you one example. House is being built. And if a kid wants to put a roof on this house, walls have to count same number of blocks in height.

So one-to-one correspondence, patterns, symmetry, all is shown in child play with Legos.

Legos Rule !

These are just couple of points I’ve presented about legos. There are a lot more why’s about Lego. There plastic now very safe, they’re not harmful, not that they’ve ever been but still.

They learn how to become storytellers, When they play, all the time is some genre, so they become directors, producers and everything else. It’s like they set a stage and cameras, and they direct to “actors” what to do.

Basics of engineering are set up in minds of kids. They soon learn what shape and number of blocks will stand, and what will fall.

Once I was searching for new Lego sets to buy them for my children and I saw some really too cheap Lego sets. It looked fishy to me, so I checked it. Basically everything was the same, blocks, figures, everything, just one thing was different. They weren’t Legos, the logo was “lepin”. I never heard of Lepin building blocks that are the same like Legos and they are compatible with them as well. So I decided to check everything about those Lepins. And turns out, they are ( Lepin building blocks ) made in china, manufacturer is unknown, they are duplicating sets that Lego doesn’t produce them anymore, their plastic is ABC standard ( supposedly ABC is an O.K. standard for plastic toys ). And duplicate all sets except one – Disney. I don’t know why but what I’ve wanted to point out is, that Legos are so awesome, that there aren’t any companies in the world that would upgrade Legos, but there are companies that duplicate them, because they are so good and great. Buy legos here and support Lego brand.

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10 thoughts on “Why Are Legos Good For Kids ?”

  1. As an adult I still love lego 🙂
    My 7 year old loves it too, but usually gets me to finish up building whatever grand ship/car etc it is.

    congrats on your website too – looking great!

  2. While I can’t say Legos have helped me with math (I’m really bad at math and I hate it, lol) I can definitely say I think they helped with my creativity.

    What’s funny about Legos is that when you’re a kid, you’re not thinking of how they benefit your motor skills or team work abilities. When you’re a kid playing with Legos, you just enjoy them and parents are able to enjoy them knowing they’re benefiting their children as well.

    This is one of those classic 2-in-1 toys (educational and fun) that we can’t help but love. Even as an adult, I love Legos!

    • Thank you for you comment and yeah, Lego company is so perfect, that they managed to show children how great it is to play, on the other hand how good is for their education and development. thank you
      Primoz P.

  3. Primoz,
    I started my son with Legos when he was just three. He has a whole room full now. He makes his own designs with his bricks now just like you state. It makes him very creative in other areas of his development.
    What do you think is the hardest Lego set to put together for you.

    • Hi john! What i’ve tried to build- by myself, toughest was x-wing star fighter or bugatti veyron…well the first one i bought it ws about 90- 100 Euros, with bugatti i just participated because it’s too expensive ( 300 and something more ), well they’re both very hard. Hope i helped syou and thank you for your comment.
      Primoz P.


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